Why a website about Suicide chess ?
Because it exist a lot of information about suicide chess, but often the informations are on different websites or mixed with some about standard chess or other variants.

What are the differences between Nilatac opening book and the one here on Suicidechess ?
The Nilatac opening book was usefull when I started to learn suicide openings. But when I arrived on some “No more information”, I was a bit disappointed. So I got the idea of an opening book where the user could push deeper the analyse of a line of his choice. Example 1.d3 is LOST on Nilatac opening book with no more information on how to win it. Here it’s possible to push this line deeper to know how to win.

A Another difference is that we use “Transposition Tables”(wikipedia) that help the database in case where the position is the same. Nilatac used EGTBs(wikipedia) when he calculed his opening book, now we have some EGTBs but not at the beginning.

What is an Azor ?
Azor – short for Analyzor – is a small software that can be installed on any computer. His function is to compute a position of the opening book. It contacts the database to get a position, calculates it and send back the result to the database. Azor have been programmed in Java to be able to be installed on many operating systems. It’s a “distributed computing”(wikipedia) system.

What is Gore ?
Gore is a software that runs on the server. It’s main function is to create new positions (Opponent’s moves) in the database after position have been computed by an Azor.

What is the Validation ?
Validation is the process that corrects the score of a position if all sub-moves (moves made by the opponnent) have been calculated. The Validation is now almost made in real-time.

What is a id ?
Id just means a position in the opening book.

What is a priority of an id ?
In the database, we have millions ids ready to be send to Azors to be calculated. Each one have a priority, usually between -1 and 17. Azors always compute ids with the highest priority first. Many things can modify the priority of an id, but usually it’s the fact of a user via the opening book. This way, any user can compute his favorite line.

What is the meaning of a move’s score ?
The score can be between -2500 and 2500, if we exclude the ‘Win’, ‘Lost’ and ‘Draw’ positions. A score of 0 means both colors have a 50% chance of win. A score of 1250 mean 75% chances of win and 25% of losing.

How can I help ?
There’s many ways to help us. You can download and run an Azor : This will help to improve the opening database quicker. You can write articles or a course for the Learning section, or just suggest some topics. You can help us advertising this website, by example with adding a link to a website or to your finger notes on FICS. Any help is welcome !